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Beni Prasad Verma: “There is no shortage of fertilizer, it has reached the farmers”

Posted on 11 January 2013 by admin

The farmers of Gonda have been caught in a whirl wind of hearsay by the Local SP leader in Uttar Pradesh. It is being rumoured, that there is a shortage of fertilizers, though the ground realities state otherwise.

It has been variously stated that the fertilizer has not reached the district distribution system due to Railway Congestion but the reality is that, despite adequate quantity of fertilizers being available with the state, their distribution has been deliberately delayed in Gonda. In hushed tones, the locals too concede that the delay has been made because the state’s ruling SP government wants to negate the efforts made by Gonda, Member of Parliament and Union Minister of Steel, Shri Beni Prasad Verma.

Meanwhile, on being contacted Shri Verma said, “Farmers are my top most priority, essentials like Urea, DAP and other Fertilizers must reach them in advance. I am the MP from Gonda and as soon as I got to know of the issue, I spoke to the Hon’ble Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers. This led to supply of 7,000 tonnes of Urea to the district, though it still remains to be seen how fast it would be distributed.”

Despite such huge quantities of Urea reaching the district, it is clear as to who is restricting the distribution and with what intent. It is noteworthy that if the dispatched quantity is distributed it would meet the requirement of the farmer ahead of the demand. With this intervention, Shri Verma known for development work, has once again proved his commitment to the Aam Aadmi.

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