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Human Rights abuse and police atrocity

Posted on 09 October 2011 by admin

abhinav4A very serious case of Human Rights abuse and police atrocity has come to the notice of Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS) where the Firozabad police is threatening and warning a person with serious consequences if he does not take back his complaints made against Manzil Saini, the Superintendent of Police of Firozabad and some other police officers.  Abhinav Chaturvedi, a political person was participating in a protest rally on 12/05/2011 in Firozabad. There, the police used force to disperse the crowd but they became particularly inhuman and barbaric in their treatment with Abhinav Chaturvedi.  Chaturvedi’s head got fractured and he got multiple injuries on his entire body. This was done in the presence and active participation of Manzil Saini, the Superintendent of Police of Firozabad. Later he was hospitalized in the District hospital, Firozabad and then in the Emergency ward of S N Medical College, Agra on the same date.

abhinav1He made a complaint at the Uttar Pradesh State Human Rights Commission against Manzil Saini, S K Malik, CO Tundla, RP Singh, Inspector, South, Firozabad and others. In the complaint he produced a large number of documentary evidences including the medical reports, photographs, video graph etc. Last week, the State Human Rights Commission called all these officers for their statement. The Commission is expected to go to Firozabad this week for further enquiry on the spot.

After their statement before the Commission in Lucknow, the Firozabad police is threatening Abhinav Chaturvedi and some of his witnesses with dire consequences if they do not change their version before the State Commission. R P Singh, the Inspector of Firozabad South came to Chaturvedi’s house and sate there for two hours between 7 to 9 PM on 06/10/2011 threaning and asking him to change his version and to take back his complaint. He told Chaturvedi that if he did not take back his story, he might be impliocated in false cases. Similarly, S K Malik, CO Tundla did the same thing on phone between 3 to 4 PM on 07/10/2011. R P Singh also threatened two witnesses Sanjay Shrotiya and Sandeep Tiwari on 06/10/2011 asking them not to give evidence.

abhinav11IRDS Secretary Dr Nutan Thakur has taken up the matter very seriously and we have send letters to the NHRC and the State Human Rights Commission to look into and enquire into these actions by the members of the Firozabad police because while the person was initially beaten brutally, later when he made attempts to get justice, he is being threatened.

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