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U.P. government not opposed to CBI inquiry of Banda incident

Posted on 12 September 2011 by admin

The Uttar Pradesh government has welcomed Hon’ble Supreme Court’s order in the case crime no. 6/2011 (Banda incident) through which CBI inquiry has been ordered.
Giving this information here, the state government spokesman said that the senior advocate, during hearing of this case at the Hon’ble Supreme Court today, brought to its notice that the matter under question had been investigated impartially by CB-CID and the charge-sheet had been submitted.
According to the spokesman, the Hon’ble Supreme Court observed that the matter was sensitive in nature. Therefore, it wanted the same to be investigated by an independent agency. On it, the state government counsel informed the court that the state government had no objection if the matter was referred to CBI for investigation. The matter was being investigated in a free and impartial manner.
The spokesman said that the Hon’ble Supreme Court appreciated the stand of the state government. Thereafter, the matter was referred to CBI for investigation.

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